View Physician - Family Practice Salary Alternate Job Titles: Physician - Family Practice, The Doctor (matt Smith) Is Now On His Eleventh Incarnation.

Florida Doctor

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Sen. Marco Rubio for claiming they are "overconfident" and not taking the possibility seriously enough. "That's just not the case," said Clay County Supervisor of Elections Chris Chambless. "We are all deeply concerned about the threat and are taking steps to limit the exposure. I thought that his comments were very inaccurate." Rubio made his remarks in mid-April at a Florida Association of Counties meeting in Washington. "I don't think they fully understand the nature of the threat," Rubio said. On Friday, Rubio again sounded the alarm, albeit this time without mentioning Florida specifically. Among the findings in the Senate Intelligence Committee Preliminary report we released this week is that during the 2016 election cyber actors were in a position to, at a minimum, alter or delete voter registration data in a number of states. #Sayfie Read more: Rubio's red alert: Florida election officials 'overconfident' Taken aback by Rubio's initial criticism, Chambless and a second supervisor, Dana Southerland of Taylor County, separately tried to speak to the senator.

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